What is FontScan?

FontScan is a simple tool for designers to quickly find any custom downloaded fonts on their Windows computer.

Custom downloaded fonts are usually buried amongst hundreds of other default font families. Now, FontScan makes it effortless for designers to discover any previously downloaded fonts all by visiting the FontScan website. No installations or special permissions are required for FontScan to work.

How does FontScan work?

Please allow a few seconds at the beginning for the applicantion to scan the custom installed fonts.

Each time a Windows user visits FontScan, it automatically determines the available fonts and compares it to a list of default fonts provided by Microsoft Windows and the Adobe Creative Suite. The result of the comparison is a list of fonts that were custom downloaded by the user which is then displayed by FontScan.

Dark Mode can be enabled by selecting the moon icon. All cards on the home page can be edited by clicking the text area.

Why is it Windows only?

Under the FontBook app in macOS, there is a tab called User and it displays all the fonts that were custom installed by the user. However, Windows doesn't have a similar feature and no third-party tools were available online. As a result, FontScan was developed for Windows.

Who created FontScan?

FontScan was created as a fun side project by Sai Gurrapu. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out here.

Other Projects

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